Traveling for Food :: First Stop – Marrakech, Morocco

A trip this summer took me to Morocco, Spain and a quick jaunt to Bordeaux, France. The trip was nothing short of amazing. The food, wine, culture, markets, shopping, sun, sand, hikes, train-rides – all an adventure. What at home could be classified as mundane morning coffee is a cultural experience in another country.

Marrakech, Morocco is a magical place. The scene – organized chaos among slow moving donkeys, speeding mopeds, horse-drawn carriages and snake charmers. The food – slow cooked lamb, varieties of grilled meat and ethereal couscous. We ate at literally hole-in-the-wall places with local craftsmen, traditional full-service, fine-dining restaurants and casual spots where chickens and peacocks roamed – all outstanding. ┬áThe people – welcoming, hard-working artisans and of course Mustapha Ait Malek our personal guide and new friend.

Restaurants to try if you find yourself in Marrakech…

-Al Fassia Aguedal – outside of the medina, ┬ábut worth the taxi for a beautiful 15 plate spread of salads to start the meal

-Azar – modern Moroccan/Mediterranean/Asian influences

-Dar El Baroud – traditional tagines

-Rotisserie de Lapaix – lovely patio with roaming peacocks, simple, light lunches.

-Night Market – pictured below, an “out of a movie” experience, words can not describe




IMG_2356 IMG_2355 IMG_2357 IMG_2417

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